SAP Business Analytics


Every business wants to be remarkable – to innovate, to build customer relationships, to grow and profit. In a perfect world, you could devote all your time to achieving those goals. But in the real world, challenges loom – margin pressures, regulatory compliance and risk, massive amounts of diverse information, and an increasingly mobile, fragmented workforce.

So how do you bring your real-world business a little closer to your perfect-world vision? You need solutions that enable efficient, collaborative, action-oriented decision making – and your people need the right information to do their jobs.

Business analytics solutions from SAP can empower individuals, teams, and business networks to meet their goals. You can know your business, decide with confidence, and act boldly -anywhere and anytime – to help your business run better. With powerful business analytics, you can:

  • Know and trust the quality of your information
  • Understand information in the context of your industry and role
  • Define, plan, and align performance goals and metrics
  • Understand business impact, then model and predict future direction
  • Anticipate change and proactively balance risks and opportunities
  • Respond instantly to events as they unfold
  • Collaborate and take coordinated action on the best decision
  • Learn from best practices, adapt, and continuously improve over time

Learn more about SAP solutions that enable business analytics:

Real-Time Analytics Delivered to Mobile Devices

Empower your people to get instant answers from your data on the go. With business analytics solutions from SAP delivered to mobile devices, everyone on your team can know in the moment, act now, and deliver results – anywhere.

SAP offers a host of solutions for business analytics – solutions that can bring the power of real-time analytics to your workers through their mobile devices.

Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions – Benefit from interactive, open business intelligence and performance management solutions for midsize companies.
  • Free trials – Benefit from fully functional software available as a free download for a 30-day trial.