SAP ERP – Operations


To best serve customers, organizations are focusing more on the agility and speed of delivering products and services. The efficiency of the entire operational process chain impacts an organization’s ability to serve its customers well. Operational excellence is the ability of an organization to achieve a high level of customer service, while reducing operating costs. An organization can then run its business at the speed of change with more agility, from its suppliers to its customers, no matter which changes occur in the market and in demand.

For many organizations, the SAP ERP Operations solution has become the software backbone that contributes to excellent performance supporting end-to-end operational processes in all key areas: procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service. This excellence is a culmination of SAP’s experience over more than 30 years, with thousands of successful customers in more than 25 industries.

With SAP ERP Operations, your organization can realize its full efficiency and cost-effectiveness potential. With smoother day-to-day operations, you can maximize your profitability, free up resources and budget so that you can invest more in innovation. Gaining competitive advantage, you can look toward the future, and operate as a best-run business over the long term.

With SAP ERP Operations, you can:

  • Automate and streamline operational processes with greater adaptability.
  • Increase productivity in your operations with a role-based solution and centralized information.
  • Extend collaboration to all value chain partners.
  • Improve operations performance with strategic business insight.

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