SAP BusinessObjects – Reporting and Analysis


For your business intelligence strategy to succeed, you need reliable, secure reporting and analysis capabilities that can deliver the right information to everyone in your organization. With SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, you can take advantage of formatted reports that help your end users make immediate operational and strategic decisions. Self-service business intelligence tools can enable your business analysts to analyze data across diverse data sources, determine trends, and predict potential outcomes. And make your information assets work for you – delivering meaningful, actionable insight and real value.

Learn more about the following:

  • SAP Crystal Reports – Design pixel-perfect reports by connecting to virtually any data source, and deliver them securely both inside and outside the organization.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – Perform ad hoc reporting and analysis across heterogeneous data sources, online or offline.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis – Empower business analysts to perform advanced analysis of multidimensional data sources in their familiar environment. Choose from the edition for Microsoft Office or the edition for OLAP.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis – Analyze your data assets to discover trends and patterns you can use to understand customer behavior, create new product offerings, and improve business performance.

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