SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse

With SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW), you can tightly integrate data warehousing capabilities on a comprehensive and scalable platform, while leveraging best practices to drive business intelligence predicated on a single version of the truth.

An edition of SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA is also available to help you supercharge your enterprise data warehouse, simplify your IT landscape, and enable your business users to make decisions faster.

Functions and Features

By combining a scalable and layered architecture, a rich set of predefined business content based on established best practices, and key enterprise information management topologies, SAP NetWeaver BW can help you achieve:

  • Reliable data acquisition – Tightly integrate data across all applications and business processes in SAP Business Suite, and enrich accessibility of heterogeneous data sources and data quality.
  • Business-oriented modeling – Enable quick and sustainable implementations through modeling patterns based on established best practices and rich predefined business content that match your business processes. Deploy all models across different subject domains and enable a single version of the truth across your complete data warehouse.
  • Robust analytical capabilities – Support online analytical processing and provide a robust foundation for computing multidimensional business data across dimensions and hierarchies. Benefit from a framework for building planning applications tightly integrated with your enterprise data warehouse.
  • Enterprise-ready life-cycle management – Benefit from sophisticated life-cycle management functionality at three different levels – system life-cycle management, metadata life-cycle management, and information life-cycle management.


SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse can help you reap significant benefits:

  • Rapid implementation – SAP NetWeaver BW ships with business content, such as ready-made ETL routines, metadata, InfoCubes, information models, and reports to support reporting and analysis right out of the box.
  • Robust scalability and performance – Ensure faster decision making with accelerated data loads and rapid delivery of queries using SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator.
  • Efficient development and reduced TCO – Automated data flow design and graphic data modeling tools speed development, enabling you to reduce the total cost of ownership for managing business data.
  • Streamlined operations – Manage and monitor operations with functionality to actively push critical events – and actionable recommendations for recovery and self-healing – to administrators. Ensure compliance with corporate policies, while ensuring high data manageability and consistency.